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Grove Design are a Made in the Midlands Bronze Member

Grove Design is a multi-disciplinary design company offering a myriad of industrial & engineering design services.

We engineer things to work and look good too.

Our areas of expertise include consumer products, industrial automation and test equipment, automotive transmission systems and waste recycling plants.

Our electronics & software experience and knowledge plus substantial prototype capabilities allow us to create Proof of Concept prototypes to show the viability of products at a crucial time in their development. This enables real-time testing to be carried out and further refinement and modifications to be made prior to full-scale production. We offer a full complement of 3D printers, extensive woodworking facilities and metal turning & welding. 

Although fancy tools support us with product definition and prototyping, they’re no use without generating nifty ideas and that’s what we’re good at. We’ve helped our clients protect numerous designs with patents and registered designs so they can exclusively capitalise on their products ... Let us do the same for you.

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